Hundreds of varieties! Thousands in stock!

Custom painting & special orders, too!

Region's Largest Inventory!

We know concrete! We sell to the public from our warehouse on-site, and we also sell wholesale to other retailers, bid on municipal projects, and sell to commercial customers, especially hospitality.

Impressive Custom Painting!

We have highly talented in-house artists who pay attention to texture and shine; depth and detail; shading and finish. Pet owners especially praise the incredible likeness our artists create to resemble their pets.

Hard-to-Find Special Orders!

Our catalogs are extensive! As one of the largest concrete statue businesses in the region, we have connections! If we can't make it, we can get it! And that includes municipal, commercial, and architectural pieces as well!

Choose Your Statue

We have the region's largest in-stock inventory available year-round. Plus, we have a catalog of special order items as well. If it's decorative and can be made with concrete, we probably have it or can get it!

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Choose your Paint & Finish

Our talented artists can custom-paint your new statue to your specifications. Animal statues painted exactly like your beloved pets, Memorials stained in bronze, etc., plus acid washes & clear sealants,

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Choose your truck/trailer

For larger statues, memorials, benches, and fountains, we've got you covered with U-Haul trucks and trailers on-site with packing supplies and hand trucks/dollies on hand. We are a U-Haul Top 100 Dealer Location.

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Statues are Timeless (with the right start)

Here's how to make sure your beautiful new concrete statue, bench, fountain, memorial, or other piece lasts as long as possible.

  1. Seal it as soon as possible. First, make sure the concrete is clean and dry. Then apply a concrete sealant to ensure the day-to-day precipitation and humidity cannot break down the concrete over time.
  2. If painting it, make sure to properly and thoroughly dry each coat of paint before applying the final sealant.
  3. Where it's possible and feasible, bring in your concrete pieces for the winter if you live where it snows. Cutting your statue's weather exposure in half will surely help extend its life and the life of its protective finishes.
  4. Consider children, pets, and nearby foliage when placing your concrete pieces. Safety before beauty, always. And keep in mind, some types of foliage can make mold spores more likely to form on concrete.

Looking for Something Specific?

Use our online inquiry button to request a quote or bid on any of our in-stock or special order pieces. If you can think it up (or show us a picture of something similar) we can probably make it happen for you... Go ahead -- give us a try! Click the button to ask: